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About Us

Only using fresh ingredient and homemade pasta…

The Element the Ingredient manufacture its entire range of Fresh Ready Made Meals including delicious and popular handmade Gnocchi Ragu and Gnocchi Primavera as well as tasty Roasted Pumpkin Risotto and Mushroom Risotto where risotto rice is still whole and tasty.

The Element the Ingredient also has a range of gourmet fresh salads made fresh daily range from Traditional Greek Salad to its most popular Salmon Nicoise Salad. Our salads are packed with clean, fresh and simple ingredients ready for your consumption.

For a better eating experience, our gnocchi are handmade. It is a traditional Italian handmade gnocchi. Our gnocchi range from Traditional Potato Gnocchi to kids favourite Tri-colour gnocchi. It is so delicious, simple and feel like home.

Our sauces are range from Traditional Napoli sauce to rich and hearty Ragu sauce.

The Element the Ingredient delivers ready made meals to the entire Melbourne Metropolitan, Greater Melbourne and Sydney Metropolitan. Whether you are at home or office, we will deliver fresh, tasty, preservatives free and protein rich meal to your doorstep.

Our facility is well equipped, HACCP accredited and compliant with clients who demand high standards in maintaining food safety, hygiene and handling to be part of their supply solutions.