5 high protein soups, 4 gourmet salads, 5 pink lady apples...
Delivery date: 1-2 days

Perfect for those who love delicious tasty clean soups. Office Soups Single will mean that you will get our five fantastic and delicous soups.  It will satisfy your hunger and they are amazing!!!  Best soups or it's free....

1 Beef and Farro Soup 500 grams

1 Tuscan Chicken Soup 500 grams

1 Indonesian Chicken Soup 500 grams

1 Smoked Chicken Soup 500 grams

1 Wonton Soup 500 grams

5 Pink Lady Apple

2 Greek Salad 250 grams

2 Grilled Mediterannean Vegetable Salad 250 grams




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